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Tuesday August 8th, 2017 saw the birth of a ‘little brother’ to Broome Bolt Supplies, when Pilbara Tools and Fasteners, of Port Hedland W.A., opened its doors for the first time.

Being part of the CSS Sales and Marketing Group, just like Broome Bolts, means doors are opened up to us from most of the major industrial manufacturers and wholesalers in this country and we can offer the very best quality products and support services available anywhere.

Just like the ‘older brother’ up the road, Pilbara Tools and Fasteners is a SOURCE destination for products and services but we also want to be a RESOURCE to our customers when they want/need advice, technical support and good old fashioned, extraordinary service.

Try us. We’ll do our very best to make sure we do it right by you. 

Proud Member of Construction Supply Specialists
We offer leading brands of quality products backed by the very best in after sales care and attention

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Proud Member of Construction Supply Specialists
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